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Blood, sweat, tears, and a whole lot of Jesus has brought us here, and you know what? I wouldn't change it. Hello there, and welcome to TRENDING HOME DECOR. I'm Melissa, and this is my husband Billy. Where do I begin? 

I have fond memories of the fresh, clean smell of paint as a young girl. My parents have always been crafty, and enjoyed woodworking, painting, or playing with some project. My dad worked hard for his family, and didn't ask a lot for himself. He loved to golf, but with three daughters, money was tight. So the creations that my mom and him would make, he would sell at local flea markets to help support his golf habit. My mom has always been a perfectionist. Whether its refinishing her kitchen cabinets, or redecorating her house with the newest trend, she gives it her all. My parents did everything themselves, and I admired that. There's a feeling of pride and ownership when you create things.

My parents rubbed off on me, and I have always been a DIY kinda girl, or should I say, my husband has been my DIY'r. I have the vision, and he has the muscle to make it happen. Billy is a handyman of all trades. I count on him to work his magic. We purchased a home that needed a major overhaul. Slow, and steady we have been handcrafting, refinishing and repurposing our home. Piece by piece, putting our eclectic stamp on it. Patiently building a story in each nook of our home. A little paint here, a little wood there, and don't forget to add some metal too. In essence... layers of texture, movement, and color! A balance of all the elements worked throughout, to make it feel like home sweet home. Together we have a mix of rustic, industrial, and contemporary style.

Through the journey of creating our home, we decided to share it with others, and TRENDING HOME DECOR was born. We handpick all of our items with YOU in mind, in hopes that you feel the love that we put into each and every item in our store.

I'm grateful for The Lord to give me a new song to sing! I'm blessed to be able to do it with my husband.

Love, Grace, & High Five!
Billy & Melissa